This page was exported from 100% Free Lead2pass Practice Test Download [ ] Export date:Mon Feb 17 15:13:11 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] Free GreatExam SAP C_EWM_91 Exam Questions Download (41-50) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 June SAP Official New Released C_EWM_91 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Are you interested in successfully completing the SAP C_EWM_91 Certification Then start to earning Salary? GreatExam has leading edge developed SAP exam questions that will ensure you pass this C_EWM_91 exam! GreatExam delivers you the most accurate, current and latest updated C_EWM_91 Certification exam questions and available with a 100% money back guarantee promise! Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 41Which of the following are functions provided by Labor Management?There are 4 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Indirect labor recordingB.    Defining engineered labor standardsC.    Creation of planned and executed workloadsD.    Employee performanceE.    Warehouse pay rate evaluation Answer: ABCD QUESTION 42What options are available for creating physical inventories in EWM?There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Storage type specific inventoryB.    Storage bin specific inventoryC.    Product specific physical inventoryD.    Fixed bin directed inventoryE.    Cycle counting Answer: BC QUESTION 43The sort profile for task sorting in warehouse orders can have a maximum of how many sort fields?Choose the correct answer(s).Response: A.    10B.    5C.    20D.    15E.    30 Answer: D QUESTION 44The following attributes are available for wave templates:There are 2 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    Release methodB.    Wave LotC.    Wave categoryD.    Wave Bin Answer: AC QUESTION 45Which of the following processes are considered part of the EWM inbound process?There are 4 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    SlottingB.    DeconsolidationC.    Value-Added Services (VAS)D.    Quality checkingE.    Wave processing Answer: ABCD QUESTION 46In the MFS, the warehouse to be controlled is mapped via the following componentsNote: There are 2 correct answers to this questionResponse: A.    Communication channelB.    Communication pointC.    Conveyor ChannelD.    Programmable logic point Answer: AB QUESTION 47During SAP EWM Inbound processing with transportation integration, When you create a delivery in SAP ERP, the system replicates it to EWM. You can then create a shipment in SAP ERP and assign inbound deliveries to it. When the planning for the shipment is completed, the system replicates the shipment with the assigned inbound deliveries to EWM through which IDoc?Please choose the correct answerResponse: A.    SHPMNT15B.    SHPMNT50C.    SHPMNT05D.    SHPMNT005 Answer: C QUESTION 48Which of the following are replenishment types?Choose the correct answer(s).Response: A.    Planned replenishmentB.    Fixed bin replenishmentC.    Storage type replenishmentD.    Automatic replenishmentE.    Order-related replenishmentF.    Direct Replenishment Answer: ADEF QUESTION 49If SAP APO, SAP ERP, or EWM can only partially confirm the requested quantities or change the inspection type automatically, EWM displays a dialog box. What information you find?There are 3 answers correctResponse: A.    Check status, for example Partially CheckedB.    Available quantityC.    Partial quantityD.    Confirmation date/timeE.    Inspection Error Answer: ABD QUESTION 50What are the fields in the warehouse product master that play a central role in replenishment of storage bins?There are 3 correct answers to this question.Response: A.    EOQB.    Storage Type ControlC.    Minimum stocking quantityD.    Maximum stocking quantityE.    Replenishment QuantityF.    Bin rounding Answer: CDE All SAP C_EWM_91 exam questions are the new checked and updated! In recent years, the C_EWM_91 certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. Want to become a certified SAP professional? Download GreatExam 2016 latest released C_EWM_91 exam dumps full version and pass C_EWM_91 100%! 2016 SAP C_EWM_91 exam dumps (All 150 Q&As) from GreatExam: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed!!!] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-07-05 06:00:51 Post date GMT: 2016-07-05 06:00:51 Post modified date: 2016-07-05 06:00:51 Post modified date GMT: 2016-07-05 06:00:51 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from