This page was exported from 100% Free Lead2pass Practice Test Download [ ] Export date:Sun Oct 20 15:18:39 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017 New] Free Share Lead2pass Microsoft MB2-715 VCE Dumps With New Update Exam Questions (31-40) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 May Microsoft Official New Released MB2-715 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Thank you so much Lead2pass. You helped me passing my MB2-715 exam easily, 90% of the exam questions from the dump appeared in my exam. Following questions and answers are all new published by Microsoft Official Exam Center: QUESTION 31You are the technology director for a company that plans to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. You are researching the licensing options and are currently considering Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business edition.Which two statements accurately describe using this edition? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations that have over 1,000 employees.B.    Business Edition is optimized for enterprises that use local Microsoft Dynamics AX environments.C.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations that want to host all services in the cloud.D.    Business Edition is optimized for organizations with 250 employees or less.Answer: D QUESTION 32You are a network services provider for a small sales organization. The company has no on-premises database for its users and is a complete Bring your own Device (BYOD) environmentYou need to create user accounts for the sales staff for Microsoft Dynamics 365.Where should you create these accounts? A.    Active Directory Federated ServicesB.    Microsoft Office 365 administrator portal.C.    Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal.D.    Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator portal. Answer: A QUESTION 33You work as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for Microsoft Partner. You need to ensure that a section on the contact entity form is hidden when the form is displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablet application.The section should be visible when the form is displayed in a web browser.Which option should you use? A.    Create a business rule.B.    Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM main form using JavaScript.C.    Configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile form using JavaScript.D.    Create a record creation and update rule. Answer: B QUESTION 34How many dashboards can be configured to be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets? A.    multiple system and multiple user dashboardsB.    one system and multiple user dashboardsC.    one system and one user dashboardD.    multiple system dashboards only Answer: A QUESTION 35You are the technology director for a large corporation that is preparing for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.You are deciding which type of licensing to purchase. Your users will only be performing time and expense entry, and record updates.What is the most cost-effective licensing model available for these users? A.    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Enterprise editionB.    Enterprise Edition Plan 2C.    Team Members Enterprise subscriptionD.    Enterprise Edition Plan 1 Answer: D QUESTION 36You are a systems support specialist for your company.A sales manager is currently using a Windows 10 laptop. The sales manager finds that Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not work as expected when using Firefox. What are two ways the sales manager can retain full functionality? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Instruct the user to use Microsoft Edge.B.    Upgrade Firefox to the latest public release.C.    Instruct the user to use Internet Explorer 10.D.    Download and install Safari on the laptop. Answer: D QUESTION 37You are a system administrator using Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have two production instances and four sandbox instances. A new update is coming out.What is true about the updates? A.    Updates for the production and the sandbox instances are each managed separately.B.    Updates for the sandbox instances are managed separately. The production instances are managed together.C.    Updates for the production and the sandbox instances are all managed together.D.    Updates for the sandbox instances are managed together.E.    The production instances are managed separately. Answer: BC QUESTION 38Your company uses server-side synchronization for email processing. Which two types of information can be found on the server-side synchronization performance dashboard? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    mailbox process durationB.    number of mailboxes needing attentionC.    number of forward mailboxes that need to be createdD.    average time per response to Microsoft Dynamics CRM emails Answer: AB QUESTION 39You view several records using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets app. After you view the records, you begin to work offline. Which functionality is available for the offline records? A.    You can only view the records.B.    You can view and edit the records.C.    No access to recently viewed records is available, you can only create new, draft records.D.    The same functionality available in the browser client is available on the tablet. Answer: B QUESTION 40You are working in an organization that uses multiple Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances. A large number of users have installed Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook. The users connect to multiple instances from Outlook; however, they only want to synchronize with one particular instance.There is some confusion as to whether they are synchronizing with the correct instance. Where should the users review, and possibly change, the synchronizing instance? A.    in the Configuration Wizard for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for OutlookB.    in Diagnostics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for OutlookC.    in Outlook, in CRM Settings on the File menuD.    in Outlook, on the CRM tab Answer: A Suggestion, read MB2-715 questions carefully try to understand or guess what they're asking for. Hope everyone passes. 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