This page was exported from 100% Free Lead2pass Practice Test Download [ ] Export date:Mon Apr 6 9:45:42 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Lead2pass New] Lead2pass CompTIA 220-901 Exam Dumps Free Download (951-975) --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass 2017 November New CompTIA 220-901 Exam Dumps! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! CompTIA New Released Exam 220-901 exam questions are now can be downloaded from Lead2pass! All questions and answers are the latest! 100% exam pass guarantee! Get this IT exam certification in a short time! Following questions and answers are all new published by CompTIA Official Exam Center: QUESTION 951Which of the following is the form factor of a standard RS-232 connector? A.    DVI-DB.    DB-15C.    DIN-6D.    DB-9Answer: D QUESTION 952A technician is going to install 6 SATA drives into a PC; however, the PC only has four SATA ports on the motherboard. Which of the following is the QUICKEST course of action to install all six drives? A.    Use an IDE to SATA adapter on the remaining two drivesB.    Install a new motherboard with six SATA portsC.    Install a SATA expansion CardD.    Run the drives in RAID to work around the port shortage Answer: C QUESTION 953Which of the following connector types is used for the transmission of an analog signal? A.    DVIB.    HDMIC.    DB-15D.    RJ-45 Answer: C QUESTION 954Which of the following types of connectors is used for standard analog display purposes only? A.    DisplayPortB.    HDMIC.    S-videoD.    DVI Answer: C QUESTION 955Which of the following RAID configurations has a single point of failure? A.    0B.    1C.    5D.    10 Answer: A QUESTION 956During a POST, which of the following is being checked? (Select TWO). A.    A count of available RAMB.    The presence of a functioning CPUC.    The presence of unknown peripheralsD.    Integrity of system filesE.    Network connectivity Answer: AB QUESTION 957A technician is tasked with adding a Barcode Scanner to a user PC. Which of the following would MOST likely be used to make the connection to the PC? (Select TWO). A.    RJ-45B.    Serial portC.    USBD.    DB-15E.    Infrared Answer: BC QUESTION 958A technician is building a gaming computer for a client. The computer will have a 6-core processor, 16GB memory, and a high-end graphics card that takes up 2 slots on the motherboard. Which of the following power supply wattages would be BEST to install for this system? A.    200WB.    300WC.    400WD.    500W Answer: D QUESTION 959New cabling has to be installed in a hospital with a very strict fire code. Which of the following materials would MOST likely be related to this requirement? A.    Fiber OpticB.    PVCC.    Shielded Twisted PairD.    Plenum Answer: DExplanation:Plenum is a fire retardant cable with protective sheath. Therefore it is the best choice to use in a facility that uses strict fire code. QUESTION 960An ISP has provided a DSL Internet connection with a static IP address. A technician is setting up a small office home office (SOHO) wireless router and needs to provide Internet access to five PCs on the network. Which of the following should be enabled? A.    NATB.    WPSC.    MAC filteringD.    Port forwarding Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 961A single office with five computers and a server is an example of which of the following? A.    PANB.    WANC.    SAND.    LAN Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 962Which of the following offers the HIGHEST wireless security? A.    WEPB.    WPA2C.    WPAD.    HTTPS Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 963Which of the following 802.11 standards can operate at both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz? A.    AB.    BC.    GD.    N Answer: DExplanation: (see 802.11n) QUESTION 964255.255.0.0 is the standard subnet mask for which of the following IP classes? A.    Class AB.    Class BC.    Class CD.    Class D Answer: BExplanation: is a class B subnet mask. QUESTION 965Which of the following network devices would a client use to store data? A.    Access pointB.    BridgeC.    FirewallD.    NAS Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 966Which of the following is the subnet mask for a Class C IP address? A. Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 967Which of the following is the number of bits that comprises an IPv6 address? A.    32B.    64C.    128D.    256 Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 968Which of the following cables uses both the T568A and T568B standards? A.    EthernetB.    FiberC.    CoaxialD.    HDMI Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 969Joe, a user, cannot browse on the intranet to a particular web server by using the servername given to him by the administrator. Joe asks a coworker for the IP address of the same server, and is then able to access the webpage using the IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue? A.    DNS is not configured correctly.B.    HTTP is not working on the server.C.    HTTP is not working on the client.D.    The network router is down. Answer: AExplanation:Domain Name System or DNS is use to translate a name into IP address. If the DNS server is not configured correctly, it will not be able to provide translation. QUESTION 970Joe, a user, wants to secure his home wireless network and allow only certain devices access to the network. Which of the following measures would be the MOST effective means of limiting access? A.    Turn off DHCPB.    Use MAC filteringC.    Disable DMZD.    Turn off SSID broadcasting Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 971Which of the following refers to a process of modifying an IP address to allow the device to become hidden and only accessible on a private network? A.    WPSB.    MAC filteringC.    DHCPD.    NAT Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 972Which of the following Internet connection types would have the MOST available bandwidth and highest transmission speed? A.    DSLB.    Dial-upC.    CableD.    Satellite Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 973A technician is called to replace a network jack that has been damaged. Which of the following tools will the technician need to complete this task? A.    Toner probeB.    MultimeterC.    Loopback plugD.    Crimper Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 974A small business has a Terminal Services server that off-site employee's access. The server is at an address of and the local router is at Which of the following would be the correct entries to enter into the router's port forwarding to ensure that Terminal Services traffic is getting routed efficiently? A.    Port 3389, Address    Port 443, Address    Port 3389, Address    Port 443, Address Answer: CExplanation:For port forwarding you need to specify port 3389 and the address of the server. QUESTION 975When comparing DSL broadband to cable broadband, which of the following is an advantage of DSL broadband? A.    Upgraded copper lines allow maximum speed greater than cableB.    Signal is not shared back to the switchC.    Signal is shared back to the switchD.    Distance is not a factor in signal speed Answer: BExplanation:A digital subscribers line is not shared back to the switch unlike Cable broadband network. More free Lead2pass 220-901 exam new questions on Google Drive: Lead2pass gives the latest, authoritative and complete 220-901 braindumps for 220-901 exam, because of that, all of our candidates pass 220-901 certification without any problem. 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