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Refer to the exhibit. What type of network communication is depicted?


A.    802 3 frame
B.    TCP packet
C.    UDP packet
D.    Ethernet frame

Answer: D

What is the maximum distance that is supported by Cisco passive Twinax cables?

A.    5m
B.    3m
C.    4m
D.    10m

Answer: A

What two technologies can be used to connect to storage arrays on a converged Ethernet IP network? (Choose two.)

A.    FCoE
B.    Fiber Channel
C.    iSCSI
D.    InfinBand
E.    FabricPath

Answer: AC

Which situation will cause a switch to flood traffic out all of the ports on the switch?

A.    The switch receives a destination MAC address of 0000.0000.0000
B.    The switch receives a destination MAC address of ffff.ffff.ffff
C.    The switch receives a source MAC address of 0000.0000.0000
D.    The switch’s TCAM reaches the MAC address limit.
E.    The switch was configured in cut-through mode.

Answer: B

What layer of the OSI Model provides the logical addressing that routers use for path determination?

A.    transport
B.    network
C.    application
D.    presentation

Answer: B

What are three features of the IPv6 protocol? (Choose three.)

A.    optional IPsec
B.    autoconfiguration
C.    no broadcasts
D.    complicated header
E.    plug-and-play
F.    checksums

Answer: BCE

Which table in a switch must be populated with forwarding information as to reduce Layer 2 flooding in the network?

A.    MAC table
B.    forwarding table
C.    ARP table
D.    routing table

Answer: A

A network engineer proposes that old hubs be replaced by new Layer 2 switches in the company network. Which three are reasons for this proposal? (Choose three.)

A.    Each port on a switch becomes its own collision domain.
B.    Layer 2 switches provide IP routing at line card speed.
C.    Hubs create one large collision domain and one large broadcast domain, which greatly decreasing network performance.
D.    Switches create one large collision domain and one large broadcast domain, which greatly increases network performance.
E.    By connecting each device directly to a port on the hub, each port on a switch becomes its own broadcast domain.
F.    Data transmission is faster on switches because switches work at line card speed.

Answer: ACF

To improve security, a network engineer needs to configure an access list on a router. In which mode can this list be configured?

A.    global configuration
B.    user access
C.    user privileged
D.    interface configuration

Answer: A

What is the minimum number of disks that are needed in RAID 1?

A.    4 disks
B.    2 disks
C.    8 disks
D.    16 disks

Answer: B

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